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About Oneness Utah

Listen to the audio from a talk given at the Inner Light Center and receive 2 Deeksha blessings!

About Ken

kenWith a passion for sharing the gift of Divine Grace, Ken Wolkoff has given thousands of Oneness Blessings in Utah since the Spring of 2006.

Ken Wolkoff, M.D., an anomaly in the world of ordinary reality, is one of the original pioneers of Holistic Medicine in the U.S. His primary passion however has been the exploration of true healing, consciousness and awakening. That passion has led him to many places, teachers and spiritual paths. Ken has taught, led workshops and given "Satsang" (being with/gathering in the truth) in the US and Europe for many years.

"Ken is a boat-rocking, illusion-popping spiritual teacher and constant student, with an uncompromising commitment to Truth and a penetrating gaze that makes you feel like he's seeing right through you - because he is."




"When we finally are ready to face the Truth, that we are ultimately helpless and unable to free ourselves, we become humble and ask for help. When this opening sincerely happens Grace is able to be received. This is the gift of Deeksha, the transmission of Divine Grace."
– Ken





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