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Here are some comments from our survey asking;

“What have you personally noticed since receiving Oneness Deeksha?”

I am flowering and growing in a very steady and expansive way much like the imperceptible opening of a flower's petals.

A very dramatic awakening!! I came to my first Deeksha in January, not really knowing what I was even coming to. After receiving four Deekshas (and reading Eckhart Tolle) I experienced a very profound awakening that has shifted the way I see everything around me. It has been incredible. I didn't know this was possible just 3 months ago. Thank you so much for your desire to share with all of us. It is wonderful!! It is a gift!

It helps keep me focused on my spiritual journey. After each Deeksha something new happens and gives me hope that we in the West may all become awakened.

More peace, more strength.

I feel like my life is calming down, I feel that things are balancing out. The drama in my life is mellowing out, and I feel that I am handling things better to get out from under the story and get present with what is really going on, which ends up not as dramatic as I initially thought.

I have noticed the doors being blown off of my awareness. I still notice the old patterns but that is all they are. I am increasingly more aware of the presence or observer behind the thoughts and also my sensitivity to others and events is heightened. Something is definitely happening!

Sense of peace during gifting and sometimes beautiful colors around gifter.

More grounded, centered, calm. many trigger issues are not such a big deal. As a friend put it. "I couldn't care less and I couldn't care more".

A wonderful emotional and physical healing awareness. Thank You.......

Oh my gosh... I had a flood of dreams for a week after I went to Deeksha and amazing synchronicities, it was very overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do with information..... I have hesitated coming to another Deeksha...a little scared.

My mind and body are open and I feel calmness

More awareness of my internal 'observer' watching and being aware of my thought processes and emotions.

The week following my first Deeksha was so peaceful for me. I had just quit my job the week before and am now working at a job that pays significantly less. I felt calm that week and into the next because of the Oneness and faith I was feeling.

When I consistently go I notice a greater sense of calmness.

I have been able to reduce anxiety medication when that was not my goal. I had NO withdrawal or side effects and I had been taking it for 7 years.

I've only been to the Oneness Deeksha once. It was very peaceful and I felt I could rest and Be. The blessings were much appreciated but I didn't perceive or experience any internal shift or opening ... not that something sensational was expected. I felt the subtle energies transmitted but again, this was a temporary sensation that didn't seem to have a discernable effect in/on my life.

Since I began receiving Deeksha, I have been much more in tune with myself spiritually, and psychically. I've noticed a huge shift. It has altered my perspective in most aspects of my life.

Expansion, awareness, a higher consciousness and feeling of oneness.

More Ego stuff surfacing. I really want to be in the Energy of Deeksha.

I'm more aware of all the other instances where people are interested in and striving for universality.

More confidence, being able to relax in stressful situations, calmness, inspiration, something to look forward to during the week.


It has brought up personal issues that I have needed to release.

Greater sense of stillness.

More calm and focused.

Able to move through things in more grace and ease.

Not sure. It's hard to tell. I do this on faith, mostly.

Wonderful insights, beautiful visions, peacefulness as I breath.

I love the love energy that is shared. I love the light that enters my heart and mind. I love the enlightenment that I receive that I have not received in any other way. I seem to have a greater vision into the higher realms thru deksha. Thank you again for sharing

I've had two or three. I liked it. My headache lessened for about an hour afterward.


I feel a prolonged sense of calmness. I have a broader comprehension of oneness and separation.

I noticed a lot of my stuff surface. The two times I have come I actually physically didn’t feel good the rest of the week. I felt great the night of the Deeksha but then not so well. Is that common? Can you shed some light on that?

A lot more clarity and less belief in the contents of my mind. Depression is lifting. Happier, more present, just enjoying being in life. I have realized that Grace and Oneness really are available for [me], and the "aloneness" is gone.

A quieting within.

A quickening.

Last week, we talked about being fully in the present and accepting what is. We also talked about noticing emotions, being with them, and embracing them without labeling them. It was essential for me, as I had just been laid off from work and was in total fear and grief! I was able to do this process, cry and let go, and feel much better! Thank you Ken!!!

More accepting outlook toward life.

I don't know since I started another form shortly after attending.

It’s almost impossible to explain, I know what it is just can’t describe it.

More peace.

My mind felt charged immediately after.

My energy level has been raised.

I feel like I am much more grounded. It helps me tear my ego down.

More conscious of my process.

Mostly, just a desire to return!

Generally, my brain feels more calm and I have an increased capacity to observe. Hard to isolate it out of all the other interesting and similar things I'm doing as well. And I try to receive this energy ambiently . . . not just at the gatherings.

I get ah ha's in areas where I’ve been asking/praying for release and understanding.

Deeksha has always helped with opening up energy blocks.

Easier access to my peaceful switch. And more mindfulness concerning my closeness to Spirit.

It enhances my personal practices. When I'm there I often have revealing visions or teachings come through.
More inner-peace.


More Comments

...something magical is happening and I am loving it, and trusting that it is all fine. Upon entering the room I feel a connection like no other. It is a beautiful thing, and you are a huge part of it.

...I awoke and tuned into connecting with Bhagavan and Amma, striving to connect to the frequency and an issue became apparent. Trusting in your guidance I felt into it and arrived on the other side. Renewed commitment to getting truly free..

I want to express my deep gratitude to Sylvia and Ken for bringing this . . . this gift to Salt Lake. I feel extremely fortunate to have such access to such a powerful tool. You’ll be seeing me more...

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful and grateful I am for the grace and beautiful transformation you are passing out in Salt Lake.

Fell into a profound state

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the great people of the Oneness Movement of Utah. For the Awakening Intensive (workshop) I'm very greatful for the givers and teachers ...and their combined presence that I soaked into that day. I was blown away by the lessons as much as the Deeksha's.

Also I'm thankful to the people that attended. It seemed I had joined up with a circle of hero's in the middle of a great adventure and felt very safe. I can see this group awakening unlike any other. The intensive helped set a new high bar in my practice. After the first round of Deeksha I fell into a profound state I had been trying to get to for years and it continues to bubble up ever since. I feel it could not have happened without the Deeksha Oneness experience to break the walls. I learned there is no difference between being' and what is! and in that perfection is Oneness. I hope what I caught that day is contagious and the whole world may awaken, for there are no wars in this Oneness, only compassion and love. (Could You Imagine? ) I'm glad Amma and Bhagavan did.
– Bret Cox

I had some pretty phenomenal experiences on Saturday at the workshop. It was about 7 or 8 hours in this satsang/meditation state and I was able to have 6 deeskha blesings. It was just an amazing Oneness that was there in the room. That was wonderful. It was great. But what was really incredible for me was when I got home.

Something told me that I just needed to be with me and I felt like no TV, no music, no reading and I just sat with me and I sat with me until 5 o' clock Sunday in this total amount of Oneness. What Ken talked about on Saturday about being present with whatever is there, totally has shifted my life since then.

It's just so amazing that there's a seperateness about my thoughts and my emotions and the Oneness that's in me and it's as if I'm an observer. It's like I'm watching my whole life take place. I haven't been able to sleep. I'm not tired. It's like I'm in this state of constant rest. I had no clue what Deeksha was 4 weeks ago and I ended up going to one of their Wed. night meetings and had one and had a great experience and came on Saturday and it really has changed my life.
– Bruce

YES expressed

Dear Ken...Thank you so much for the transmission Sunday...it was a phenomenal experience beautiful and transcendent...I would so love to live every moment in that flow yet it is so renewing to come home to it once again and perhaps deeper openings/ connections beckoning... so glad I came...

The feelings of awe and peace and safety stayed with me all through the night and into Monday and vestiges this Tuesday morning...yes um hmmmm yes….

Thank you for persevering in your evolution and skills and coming to this new juncture...I feel this is what I want to explore now...

As I said, after the second blessing it was beautiful to be transported to that ancient gazebo, kneeing and bowed, receiving…words floating up of “oh my lord, oh my lord, my sweet lord” soft sweet surrendered being and knowings that the crown being placed upon my head was anointment, consecration, blessing… Bowed and crowned, reverence, humility, grace- those words also gliding in but the feelings of peace, expansive stillness, and preciousness lingers within me, meshing with the elegant timeless visuals...

Soft sighs sweetly open me to a sense of being that I can feel, recapture, first upon my face. My face tingles, relaxes and I fall away, fall away, fall away. I can re-feel it. Your first transmission began with the fecund dark richness of the vast void that opened up with a luminous pale magenta lotus whose petals kept softly unfolding amidst the dark primordial V-opening widening down into my heart, diving it’s wedge to my spine’s base...At the end of the second “blessing”? after the feelings of grace (safety, sweetness, delicate feminine richness) still in awe kneeing and crowned in timelessness, awed yes, but a trusting reverence permeating my being. And there, down on the ground, another lotus, open wider exposing it’s seeds inside yet in the shadows at my feet, still fluttered with it’s petals unfolding, enticing, calling…..

Ummmm hmmmm, yes I will watch not to get caught in just that experience, stay receptive, willing, surrendered… yet my my what an experience...I will come again, YES…

– S

I had forgotten how special it is

I want to really thank you for making the effort to call me to let me know there was a Deeksha going to be held on Wednesday. I had an incredible experience with it. I totally had forgotten how much difference it made, not just that day , but in the days afterwards. I'm won back over. Again thank you. I had forgotten how special it is and what it did on an ongoing basis the whole week. Everything was easier.
– Linnea

Thank You!

I sooooo appreciate you sharing such a glorious gift with me ! My experience so far has been great ! Although I'm noticing some tightness between my shoulder blades - (some resistance to letting go of some betrayal or perhaps some revenge energy I'm sure LOL ! ) I'm also noticing intermittent tingling sensations occurring in various parts of my body & I slept better last night than I have in weeks. My mood is quite joyous - I notice I am experiencing giggling spurts & I am feeling tremendous gratitude for this becausefor the past 3-4 months, I have been wallowing in anger, resentment, betrayal, fear, grief & abandonment energy. Feels fabulous to release my grip on it ! :) Thank you for showing up in my life to share the gift of you & of the Deeksha!
– Cindy

Energy Release

Last Wednesday was awesome. I felt a whole lot of energy release that I had been holding on to. Also visually, I clearly saw an eagle head when Ken put his hands on my head and it morphed into an eye. It was cool.
– Christiane

Lightness and Energy

Coming to [the gathering] today was certainly worth it! By the time Ken got to me, I had already been meditating for some 20-30 minutes. As soon as he put his hands over my head, I began to breath deeply into his hands. My body began to straighten and lift involuntarily with each breath. After he left, my body continued to straighten and lift. I thought I would be able to levitate off the chair soon (never did!). There was a tremendous feeling of lightness and energy.
- Carol Louder

First Deeksha Experience

As someone who has had a couple of intense spiritual experiences that made it hard for me to "do" everyday life, I had resisted receiving deeksha--even though I found the idea very attractive. I didn't feel like I was in a place where I could afford to take time out to go to whatever place it might take me if that was out of ordinary reality. My first experience with The Oneness Blessing was just that--a wonderfully subtle and very real experience of oneness with everything around me. This was accompanied by an equally subtle feeling of peace and well-being--a wonderful place to be. I always expected bliss to be something more spectacular, but I wouldn't be disappointed if this is it.
– Martha Hale, writer

Amazing Experience

I just wanted to Thank you for the most amazing experience of my life. I can't get over how I felt last night. I've just started on my journey of awakening this past 9 months as certain traumatic events in my life sent me in this direction. I'm so thankful for those events. I was a member of the LDS church for quite some time & needless to say very brainwashed & guilt ridden. This is all so new to me, so uplifting & so true. For the first time in my life I can say that what I'm feeling & experiencing is the real thing. I am like a sponge right now & just can't get enough. I want to learn, experience, feel, live, and love like never before.
– J


The experience was different for me. There was a lot of conscious chatter going on in my mind. This time I chose to not do anything with it, neither trying to stop or redirect it - just letting it be there. The next thing that happened for me is that I lost track of time, didn't know how long you were with me, or even if you had moved on, and didn't care. I experienced something I can't describe, it was as if I was in a place that was fluid, malleable, connected, and which I was neither interacting with or controlling. It was indescribable, felt real, while simultaneously being all around and a part of me. My active mind did nothing with it - didn't try a label or interpret it.

I opened my eyes, you were with someone else, and I loved
hearing all the sounds, each seeming to affirm life - the birds singing, an old couple walking down the street, a dog barking, cars on the road. I knew that without life, no plants, insects, animals, or people, or the things we make or use - it would all be so empty - so still.
– Cedric


I wanted to share with you that last night's Diksha was so powerful for me. I felt like all the molecules in my body were just buzzing ! It lasted all night ! I take it the power has been "turned up"?
– M

Safe Space

I just wanted to thank you for bringing the Deeksha to us! Thank you for opening your heart, sharing your time and being such a bright light that we can't miss it. : ) You (and Sylvia) create a wonderful, warm, inviting and safe space no matter where the Deeksha is held...thank you.
– T

Waves of Grief

When you placed your hands on my head I felt a rush of energy go thru my body and block up in my power chakra. The energy built up quite a bit of pressure and then I felt a pop and the energy went all the way to my toes in a rush. White light started rising from my feet up my body to the top of my head and then huge waves of grief started coming up and when you finished with me I went out side in parking lot and leaned against an old tree and let the emotions I was feeling come up and I released them as they came.

It was like a life review of all the old griefs I have been holding on a cellular level since childhood. Then next day I felt wonderful and free of body pain and I have been feeling somewhat detached and am letting my observer self inform and teach me what I need to know about continuing my healing. Thanks so much Ken, I felt so depressed and couldn't get out of the grief so I guess you broke the dam for me and I am very grateful. You might say I've been in a state of grace since then.
– E


Ken, I am so happy you are doing this! ...I just want to tell you it has opened so much for me ...It has been 13 days since my last deeksha....the one with you. Every morning I wake up vibrating with light like I used to in the old days when I did so much meditation. I had such huge openings in the begining I had to back off. Now doing chi gong and other practices my energy is much more grounded and ready for new accceleration of opening. It is a big help to the heart and crown chakras, I feel. This is my report.

I have looked on line at the site and have seen pictures of the temple. Just getting on the site and having the sight of it all is a channel of light itself!! It looks beautiful and I love the feeling of the two avatars. ..It has given me a new hope for the planet.
– E

First Experience

After attending my first Deeksha gathering, I want to share the profound experience I had.

Arriving a few minutes before the Deeksha started, I immediately felt the gentleness of the atmosphere and the people there. The round archways around the room framed the chairs lovingly placed in the circle for people to use. A few people greeted each other, and everyone settled, found a chair, and waited.

The soft music relaxed me, and as you started talking I naturally slipped into a meditative state, and stopped actively listening to your words, as they resonated with me. They were describing what felt like a universal knowing, a truth that seemed to be flowing through you, into all of us. Without even trying to understand, I felt connected from deep within me to all that was outside.

When it became my turn to receive Deeksha, for a brief moment I felt your hands reaching to make connection with me, and then any awareness of your hands slipped away. In a moment I felt pain in my head, yet it didn't hurt. It then became a band around my head, that then indescribably started moving down my body.

It felt as if I was in the midst of an Ayuhuasca ceremony. I can't articulate in words the sense of being inside a process that was connecting me to parts of myself I had lost touch with, blending into the flow of life and energy. I don't remember you leaving me, or even how long you were there. In time I opened my eyes and realized you were working with someone else.

I didn't want to leave. I felt open, connected, and a little vulnerable. I'm working on some personal healing, and knew that this had made a difference and opened ways for me to use my conscious will to help with the internal body work I am doing.

Thank you for the gift that you bring and for all the work you have done to be able to share this with others.
– C


I sooooo appreciate you sharing such a glorious gift with me ! My experience so far has been great ! Although I'm noticing some tightness between my shoulder blades -(some resistance to letting go of some betrayal or perhaps some revenge energy I'm sure LOL ! ) I'm also noticing intermittent tingling sensations occurring in various parts of my body & I slept better last night than I have in weeks.

My mood is quite joyous - I notice I am experiencing giggling spurts & I am feeling tremendous gratitude for this becausefor the past 3-4 months, I have been wallowing in anger, resentment, betrayal, fear, grief & abandonment energy. Feels fabulous to release my grip on it ! :) Thank you for showing up in my life to share the gift of you & of the Deeksha !
– C

The information shared ...validated much of what I believe to be "true". Thank you.
– P









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