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The Music We Use

We've had a LOT of requests for the music we play at the Deeksha gatherings but it's a complilation from several CD's and we just didn't feel right about making copies.

Now there's a CD that's just been released that has the same songs we compiled, plus others. You can get it here: Om Deeksha - CD

And this is the song with the choir in the background that we get the most requests for. Moola Mantra - Vol. 2


awakeningNew Book about Oneness Deeksha

To write this book, Arjuna interviewed Sri Bhagavan and also Sri Amma, which was an unprecedented phenomenon. He conducted many hours of interviews with Sri Anandagiriji and Sri Samadarshiniji and many of the dasas at the University, as well as hundreds of Blessing Givers all over the world. The book is fully endorsed and blessed by Sri Amma Bhagavan and the Oneness University


Awakening to Oneness - Bookbook

The following is excerpted from Awakening into Oneness (Sounds True, 2007) by Arjuna Ardagh, the founder of the Living Essence Foundation and author of a number of books, including The Translucent Revolution


Another book about the Oneness Blessing

the fire from heaven

Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven




"When we finally are ready to face the Truth, that we are ultimately helpless and unable to free ourselves, we become humble and ask for help. When this opening sincerely happens Grace is able to be received. This is the gift of Deeksha, the transmission of Divine Grace."
– Ken






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